Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Best Tip EVER!!

I don't know why it is that my sweaters "pill- up" the way they do. I've used a "sweater shaver" in the past, but it broke and I haven't been able to find one to replace it. So out of desperation, I asked my Drycleaner if they could remove them for me. I knew I'd pay a premium for this, but it was better than letting them sit in the closet unwearable. Instead she gave me an AWESOME tip... use a shaving razor!

It had never occurred to me to try a shaving razor, but as soon as I got home I grabbed it out of the shower and gave it a try. It was amazing! The fuzz and pills came right off! To finish it off, I used a tape roller over the shaved area and it cleaned it right up.

So, today I am finally getting to wear my sweaters before it gets to warm and I have to put it away until next year.

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