Sunday, November 27, 2011

Decorations from Christmas Past

Every year I take pictures of my house decorated for Christmas. It was never for anyone else to see mind you, just so I knew where to put everything again next year!

With decor mapping my only goal, the photos are not always great. Sometimes the television is on in the background or I waited until after Christmas morning to take them and there are toys everywhere!

So while I am busy decorating the house again, here's a look back at a few of the best photos of Christmas decorations from years past. :)

The family room mantle and tree...

 Another year with a slightly different centerpiece on the mantle. The tin Nutcrackers are candle holders. My mother made the wreath for me for my first Christmas in my first apartment.

The living room mantle and tree...
The living room tree is called the Memory Tree. It's where we hang all of our ornaments that hold a special memory for us. It started as a way to keep the ornaments out of reach from the children, but now has become a special way to honor our Christmas memories. It's so full of ornaments, that we need a bigger tree!

The dining room and kitchen tables used for buffet and dessert table for a holiday party...

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